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World, know INOCHI 


INOCHI is the Japanese translation of LIFE, however it is a mystical word. Even today, Japanese people are still a little awed by the weight and sound of the word INOCHI, because they somehow know that the Spirit of God dwells in INOCHI. Let INOCHI become the word of the world!

Save the Embryo


The ultimate beginning of INOCHI made possible by modern science is the fertilized egg created for IVF. Is this being cared for? At present, they are all destined to be discarded when they are no longer expected to be used for implantation. It is lNOCHI. Let's not just throw it away!

Antoine Bechamp


The last pandemic, in which the government and leaders of various sectors promoted specific products on behalf of Big Pharma, with the sweet words "compassionate vaccines.” Looking back,it was madness. Let's  proclaim "we will not make the same mistake again! 

開催日時 DATE

13:00 - 17:00


​概要 ABOUT 

On Saturday afternoon, the day before  Advent, a new action for the protection of all INOCHI will begin. A retreat, Mass, and a march. We will have a three-part  March. It is a walk to seek the mystery and truth of Jesus "truly born" into the world.

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いのちの行進 March for INOCHI



13:00-想会 Retreat 


​  マリアは出かけて、急いで山里に向かった。(ルカ1:39)


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15:00-ミ サ   Mass 




黒とベージュ タイポグラフィのみ 教会ロゴ (98).png

16:00-行 進 March 




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