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Let the world know INOCHI

If you are looking for Culture of Life, you will find it in Culture of INOCHI.

"INOCHI", a shield and a sword to overcome evil spirits.​

In cultural communication, it may not be appropriate to refuse to translate certain words. However, I have always been uncomfortable with the habitual translation of the Japanese word "INOCHI" as "Life.

We sympathize with March for Life event taking place around the world. We have held March for Life in Tokyo every year since 2014, but will change its name to "March for INOCHI" starting in 2023, which will mark the 10-year anniversary.

Many foreigners will participate in March of Japan. We want them to say "I-NO-CHI" as well. We want the world to know INOCHI.We want INOCHI to become the language of the world,

There is a debate about which is more valuable to human beings, Life or Choice. Of course, the position of World March for Life is to argue that Life is more valuable, but INOCHI is not in conflict with any other concept. The logic of comparing it to something else does not hold. INOCHI has absolute value. The Japanese usually use the word to mean that nothing is more important than INOCHI.

The purpose of World March is to proclaim "Gospel of Life," but the word "INOCHI"  itself is the gospel. Perhaps a more accurate translation of the word "INOCHI" is "Gospel of Life.

Even without belonging to a particular religion, Japanese people somehow know that the Spirit of God dwells in INOCHI. At the same time, there is a commandment that we should not treat INOCHI in a selfish way by human hands.

This word "INOCHI," which everyone hears and speaks of all the time since childhood, becomes a shield and a sword, and the human nature to overcome evil spirits is acquired.

Let the world know INOCHI. Let Japan know INOCHI more deeply.






「Gospel of Life」を宣べ伝えることが世界のマーチの目的ですが、「いのち」という言葉そのものが福音です。「いのち」を意味するより正確な訳語が「Gospel of Life」なのかもしれません。




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