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Shouldn't all marchers have this placard?

My confession;
When she told me she was pregnant, I said, "What? and flinched.


But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.(Matthew5:28 )

It is not the marching of saints, but of repentant sinners.

99% of Japanese are not Christians. However, they have a "sense of sin. That is why Japanese people appear to be humble. A sense of sin stems from "INOCHI.

The Japanese always have a sense of remorse that they should not take INOCHI for granted. INOCHI is so important. You may be taught in church that life is a gift of God, but the word INOCHI is imprinted from the beginning with the connotation of gift of God.

Each one is important, all of them are connected, and eternal. That is INOCHI. Fragile, and something that we tend to damage is INOCHI. Japanese people have known INOCHI since they can remember. Because they know INOCHI, they live with a sense of sin like righteous Christians.
Before eating, Japanese people say "ITADAKIMASU" and put their hands together. ITADAKIMASU is also a mystical word, but it is a way of expressing gratitude for the blessing of INOCHI and a statement of belief that "we will not waste INOCHI" at each meal.
(Therefore, leaving food uneaten is accompanied by a sense of sin.)
Japan was the first country in the world after World War II to legalize abortion. Although the number of abortions has decreased over the years, they are still performed. But the sin over abortion is not forgotten. The Japanese people will not be fooled by the sophistry of "abortion is a right, so there is no need to feel guilty about it.

The key to fighting the devil is not so much to end abortion as it is not to end the sense of sin over abortion. The sense of sin and repentance are more damaging to the devil than good deeds.
Let the world know INOCHI.  Marching for INOCHI with a sense of sin will trample the devil.



いのちを粗末にしてはいけないという自責の念をつねに抱えているのが日本人です。いのちはそれだけ大事です。"Life is a gift of God"と教会で教えられるかもしれませんが、いのちという言葉にははじめからgift of Godの意味合いがインプリントされています。一つ一つが大事であり、そのすべてがつながっており、そして永遠であるもの。それが「いのち」です。儚いものであり、つい傷つけてしまうものが「いのち」です。日本人は物心がつく頃から、いのちを知っています。いのちを知っているから、正しいクリスチャンのように罪の意識とともに生きています。





黒とベージュ タイポグラフィのみ 教会ロゴ (5).png

Director of March for INOCHI  Masaaki Ikeda
いのちのマーチ実行委員会  池田正昭

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