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▶︎Outline 概要

▶︎Outline 概要

March for Life is a peaceful, joyful and prayerful annual demonstration marching by the people who hope to abolish abortion from the world for the children, for the women, for the families. Our March for Life in Japan began on July13 2014 at Tokyo organized by Lay Catholic Masaaki Ikeda with Pastor Kenzo Tsujioka of “Pro-Life Japan” after original March for Life in Washington D.C.


We go marching in the midst of Tokyo as a front line of Pro-Life movement in Japan every year, and also our March is going on every day to lead activities that would let society turn from accepting abortion to promoting Culture of Life.  


With spirit of whom being troubled by pregnancy, and regretted not having kept her pregnancy, we are marching toward the future unthinkable of abortion for anyone.

Let’s walk together for life!

マーチフォーライフとは、子どもと女性と家族のために、世の中から中絶をなくしたいと願う人たちのデモ行進です。毎年おこなわれる平和で喜びにあふれる祈りの行進です。米国ワシントンD.C.でおこなわれているMarch for Lifeに触発されたカトリック平信徒の池田正昭が「小さないのちを守る会」の牧師・辻岡健象先生とともに日本版マーチフォーライフを立ち上げ、2014年7月13日に最初の一歩をしるしました。






▶︎ History マーチの歩み

▶︎ History マーチの歩み

◯July13 2014  2014年7月13日(日)

After the date -13 July 1948- when Eugenic law allowed interruption of pregnancy aiming to have an abortion was legalized, Japan’s first March for Life took place on Sunday July13, gathered at Sakamoto-cho park in Chuo-ku, Tokyo. 33 people went on 1 hour marching through Nihonbashi, Yaesu, and Ginza-Sukiyabashi to Hibiya-park.  


◯July12 2015   2015年7月12日(日)

Number of marchers was two times or more than those of last year, gathering at Sakamoto-cho park and marching toward Hibiya park as last year. The majority of participants were members of Pro-Life Japan responded to a call from Pastor Kenzo Tsujioka. 


◯July10 2016   2016年7月10日(日)