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March in Japan is "March for INOCHI"












「いのちのマーチ実行委員会」代表 池田正昭

March for Life in Japan took its first steps on July 13, 2014, with the cooperation of Pastor Kenzo Tsujioka of Pro-Life Japan, with 33 participants. Since then, we have continued March every July without fail, walking around Ginza, the central district of Tokyo.

In the beginning, March may have been an imitation of marches around the world. However, as the years went by, we felt the need for an original Japanese march, and in 2023, the 10th year of March, we decided to change the name to "March for INOCHI"  in order to cherish the wonderful Japanese word "INOCHI" . We hope that  "March for INOCHI" will attract the world's attention with its three strategies named after "INOCHI DAIZINI" .

The code name "INOCHI DAIZINI"(meaning "take care of life") is taken from the globally popular game "Dragon Quest. It must be one of the representative works of the "Culture of Life" from Japan.

The three strategies are: 1) to value the Japanese word "INOCHI," 2) to value "the very beginning of INOCHI, and 3) to value "Science of INOCHI.

For each of these strategies, we will continue to make daily progress through investigation, dialogue, and practice. I would be happy if you would join us as we walk together toward a future that shines with INOCHI.

Masaaki Ikeda, Representative of "March for INOCHI

ともに行進しませんか Let's march together

ご興味のある方ご連絡ください。Please contact us if you are interested.

有難うございました! Thank you!
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